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Vypočuté: 27x
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Pridané: 23. 9. 2014
Profil autora: Dougie Maclean
Album: ?
Žáner: Iná
Označiť ako: cancelnefunčnú

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Maclean Dougie
The Dougie Maclean Collection
I don't know if you can see the changes

That have come over me

In these last few days I've been afraid

That I might drift away

I've been telling old stories, singing songs

That make me think about where I come from

And that's the reason why I seem so far away today


Let me tell you that I love you

And I think about you all the time

Caledonia, you're calling me

And now I'm going home

For if I should become a stranger

You know that it would make me more than sad

Caledonia's been everything I've ever had

I have moved and I've kept on moving

Proved the points that I've needed proving

Lost the friends that I needed losing

Found others on the way

I have kissed the ladies and left them crying

Stolen dreams, yes there's no denying

I have travelled hard, sometimes with conscience flying

Somewhere with the wind


Now I'm sitting here before the fire

The empty room, the forest choir

The flames that couldn't get any higher

They've withered, now they've gone

But I'm steady thinking, my way is clear

And I know what I will do tomorrow

When the hands have shaken and the kisses flowed

Then I will disappear

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